Skin Health Club

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Frequently Asked Questions (Membership Status)

  • The table below indicates the spending amount to be eligible for each of the membership tier.
  • You will be informed of your current membership status by AsterSpring centre staff and email notifications. Stay tuned for more exciting news.
  • For your convenience, there is no need to keep a physical membership card.
  • Your membership status will be automatically upgraded, once your accumulated spending reaches the requisite amount to unlock greater privileges. You will enjoy your new membership status for 12 months from the most recent qualifying date. Below are some examples of how you may upgrade your membership status.

    Example 1: Glowing to Gorgeous status

    Example 2: Glowing to Glamorous status

    Example 3: Gorgeous to Glamorous status

  • Your status will be maintained as long as you meet the minimum spending criteria. For example, to maintain a Glamorous membership status, you must spend a minimum of RM8,001 within 12 months from the date you qualified as a Glamorous member. Whereas, if you spend between RM5,001 to RM8, 000, you will become a Gorgeous member; if you spend between RM500 to RM5,000, you will become a Glowing member.

  • Your membership will be valid for 1 year from the date of membership sign up, upgrade or renewal. For example, if your membership starts on 4 December 2019, your next membership status will be reviewed on 3 December 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (Membership Points Accumulation)

Frequently Asked Questions (Membership Points Redemption)

Frequently Asked Questions (Benefits & Privileges)

Frequently Asked Questions (Cancellation & Refund)

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Terms and Conditions

The management reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions, benefits and privileges of Skin Health Club Programme without prior notice.
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