• New business hours : 10:30am – 8:00pm (until further advised)
  • Our SOP is strictly compliant with the Malaysian government and health authorities
  • New Safety Preventative Protocol is designed with shorter service duration and minimize touch and contact

Service Protocol Enhancement FAQ

  • The health, wellbeing and safety of our customers and team remain our priority. AsterSpring are implementing extensive safety preventative practices to ensure great skin health can be achieved with peace of mind including:

    • Frequent sanitization especially all high-touch areas
    • Temperature checks and health declaration forms prior to entry
    • No touch skin analysis and consultation
    • Usage of disposable items where possible including Personal Essential Kit, disposable customer gown and bed linens
    • Staff wearing additional PPE during facial treatment
    • Enhanced treatment protocols
    • Cashless payment preferred; disposable gloves available if cash involved
  • AsterSpring treatment protocols are being enhanced to comply with the Malaysian government’s SOP.

    The Malaysian government’s SOP includes the following restrictions:

    • Maximum services duration of 60 minutes
    • Massage is not allowed

    As such, AsterSpring treatments will incorporate more advanced machine technology, professional grade products, and reduced physical touch to ensure maximum results can be achieved in minimal time with optimal safety.

  • AsterSpring will be utilising more technology to enable customers to enjoy more results in less time.

    More machines will be incorporated to enable better penetration of high performance products into the skin with additional benefits including:

    • bt-micro from USA to improve skin resilience and firming
    • Cold thermodyn for skin soothing

    Professional grade products with high levels of active ingredients will also be utilised to provide intensive results.

    Moreover, in compliance with the Malaysian government’s SOP, massage previously performed by hand, will also be replaced with natural volcanic stones applied with special techniques to help drain, detox and relax.

  • To minimise any risk of transmission, we are discouraged from using any machines or spray-mist devices that uses water.

    We have replaced these machines with other advanced technology and techniques for maximum efficacy and minimal risk.

    For example, the new Dermalogica multi-active scaling gel helps prepare the skin for extraction without any requirement for facial steamer.

  • Yes, AsterSpring professional skincare therapists will practice minimal physical contact during facial treatment and still perform extraction to remove impurities from skin.

    Nonetheless, we have innovated our extraction process to use an optional micro-current clearing device or manual extraction performed by an Asterspring professional skincare therapist wearing finger gloves.

  • AsterSpring’s Treatment Protocol Enhancement is to comply with the Malaysian government’s SOP and safety preventative practices are in support of the fight against covid-19 together.

    We are hopeful that the situation will improve, and AsterSpring standard treatment practices and processes can be restored in the near future.

  • AsterSpring’s treatment prices will be maintained, in spite of the high costs incurred to implement extensive safety preventative practices.

    Higher costs incurred to perform treatments include greater usage of advanced machines, professional grade products and disposable items for customers to enjoy maximum results in minimal time with optimal safety.

  • Our AsterSpring team of highly trained professional skin therapists will be able to care for, treat and address your personalized skin concerns with a wide variety of enhanced facial treatment protocols that specifically cater to challenges faced with your skin, including dehydration, dryness, acne and breakouts, sensitivity, ageing and brightening.

    Most AsterSpring facial treatment protocols have been enhanced, so you can enjoy great skin health with optimal safety in compliance with the Malaysian government’s SOP and extensive safety preventative measures.

    As the Malaysian government’s SOP currently prohibits massage by hand, we will not be able to offer body treatments at this time.

  • Yes, we really appreciate your trust and continued support! We are happy to ensure you will continue to enjoy optimal skin health results with AsterSpring, even with enhanced treatment protocols’ shorter durations due to compliance with the Malaysian government’s SOP.

    With over 36 years’ experience in treating skin, our AsterSpring team have rigorously tested how to achieve results in less time, with the usage of good quality machines, tools and advanced technologies proven to help boost results safely and yet effectively.

  • Yes, our team are committed to helping you achieve great skin health, so you can look and feel your best with AsterSpring.

    We strive to give our customers the best experience possible, without compromising the safety and wellbeing of you and your AsterSpring professional skincare therapist.

    We will continue to provide personalized skin consultations to understand and address your skin concerns with a wide variety of enhanced facial treatment protocols that specifically cater to challenges faced with your skin including dehydration, dryness, acne and breakouts, sensitivity, ageing and brightening.

  • Yes, you can still enjoy and redeem AsterSpring facial treatments with valid packages.

    There are also attractive promotions available that you can find out more about by speaking with your AsterSpring professional skin therapist.

  • Yes, facial packages have been extended during this period. Please kindly check with your AsterSpring professional skin therapist for more information.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding, continued support and trust in AsterSpring to help you achieve #greatskinhealth with optimal safety.

We care and are here for you. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback.